Just about any way you look at it, this website is a love story.

The fuel for this website was provided in 1998. It was that year Colleen Wilson received a diagnosis of breast cancer. As it happens, her husband, David Wilson was then, and is now madly in love with this beautiful, wonderful woman.

Oh – and it also happens David Wilson was then, and is now, one ofAmerica’s premier hypnotherapists.

As a hypnotherapist, he was completely familiar with the interaction between our minds and bodies, so he set about constructing a series of meditations for the light of his life (Colleen) to use as she prepared for surgery, during surgery, and then after in pursuit of perfect health.

The results were dramatic and positive.

Since that time, these meditations have been used by a large number of people, again with dramatic results in terms of successful preparation for surgery and for rapid healing thereafter.

So – a love story?

You bet.

It is a love story about David and Colleen.

It is a love story about a group of people encouraging them to share the wonderful materials here as a loving service to all who feel the impact of breast cancer.

Here you will find materials from the best sources available in the field, presented, at no charge, out of love for you, and a deep concern to get – not just through this – but to come out on top.

Don’t let the price (zero) fool you. These are very powerful tools.

Love itself is the most powerful tool – so that is where we start.

David’s Story.
How This Will Help You.

Colleen’s Breast Cancer Story.
How It Helped Her.

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Contact Information

David Wilson, Creator and Voice of the Meditations


Colleen Wilson, Advisor and Breast Cancer Survivor

Jane Trautman, Advisor and Breast Cancer Survivor

Tracy Bradford, Advisor



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